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    PlantOne (P1) is Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) for truss plants

    • P1 is Computer Aided Production (CAP) for truss plants
    • P1 is proprietary hardware and software that reads Mitek (.tre), Online Plus (.sum), Alpine (.tps), Simpson (.kxr) truss files and of course integrates with the latest Eagle Metal software
    • P1 presents practical, pertinent truss setup and truss build information in precise detail all without paper
    • P1 is integrated hardware, software and projection controlled through a throw away remote control
    • P1 let’s you see from the office what truss is being worked on at any station
    • P1 saves hours of technical office staff time of preparing and collating shop work orders by eliminating the paper
    • P1 saves hours of production staff time dealing with the shop work order paper shuffle by eliminating the paper
    • P1 is independent of truss design software
    • P1 will save you money in regained time both in the office and in the plant
    • P1 will eliminate headaches in the office and in the plant
    • P1 is a powerful communication tool
    • P1 is a morale and profile boost that engages all your production workers
    • P1 is the only production tool that handles both manual assembly and automated assembly
    • P1 increases production by human nature by displaying an optional truss timer
    • P1 increases production by human nature by using a quantity remaining counter
    • P1 captures production times and facilitates production reports and cost accounting
    • P1 is a powerful management tool on any plant walk about
    • P1 is the only solution that bridges the gap when the office is transitioning between design software
    • P1 is the only solution that bridges the gap even between design software versions
    • P1 enhances your current LASER projection system
    • P1 enhances your current automated jigging system
    • P1 enhances your integrated automated jigging and LASER projection with a visual element
    • P1can be synced and integrated with your auto jigging and LASER systems
    • P1 enhances even jack tables by boosting setup and build productivity
    • P1 enables jobs to be shared between truss plants

    PlantOne Truss TV/Projection projects the truss setup and build information onto a giant screen. When the truss assembly team simply has to glance up at a typical 8ft x 14ft screen, truss productivity and truss build quality is improved, and the potential for error is reduced significantly compared to an assembly team sharing the same piece of paper.

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