Lumber Pickline

    Lumber Pickline

    The Lumber PickLine is the simple forklift replacement solution. It allows truss plants to store multiple sizes of lumber and then retrieve it without using a forklift. With the Lumber PickLine, the lumber picker can crown lumber, check for knots, and wane before it gets to the saws. When quality lumber arrives at the saws, production increases and wasted labor is reduced. Whether you need 2 or 200 pieces, the Lumber PickLine is fast, efficient, and will save you money.

    The Lumber PickLine has been designed for standalone operation presenting culled lumber, properly crowned, automatically in proper sequence up to the start of a third party live deck to take over. The Lumber PickLine process will greatly reduce forklift time, forklift fuel and forklift maintenance. The Lumber PickLine will pay for itself with the money saved in reduced forklift maintenance and forklift fuel savings.

    Please click the VIDEO link below for an overview of the Lumber Pickline:

    Lumber PickLines can be configured for indoors all under roof, outdoor or a combination of both.
    Please watch the VIDEO below on a complete Lumber PickLine all under roof:

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