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    The SmartConveyor is a servo controlled conveyor that was originally designed to feed the amazing auto feed RetroC  component saw. The SmartConveyor has now been customized to feed any 3rd party linear saw, component saw and even pullsaws.  Eliminate saw idle time and boost any saws production by 30% and improve productivity at the tables.

    For all Mitek Blades/Cybersaws, Alpine ALS/AutoMills, Monet DeRobo/Desauw and Spida Piecemaker/Tornado saws (any saw)

    Any 3rd party saw – Automatic integration to existing auto feed or manual feed decks. Cull and crown lumber before it enters the 3rd party saw.

    Watch the video below to see the seamless integration to any 3rd party auto feed live deck that eliminates saw idle time:

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