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    What are your hourly production goals?  What are your magic numbers?  We think “A Thousand Pieces an Hour” is a good goal. Please call Ed Lim at 416-888-4457 or visit us at BCMC Milwaukee, WI, October 7-11, 2024 and let’s talk shop to help you solve your production bottlenecks and reach your magic numbers.

    Organize your lumber in your yard and eliminate excessive forklift travel and maintenance.  True in-line production for a truss plant can only be achieved by building truss-by-truss.  The Lumber Pickline allows you to pick your lumber by truss for any type of saw – component saws, linear saws and pullsaws.  (just 5 seconds per piece equals 5,040 pieces in 7 hours)

    The Lumber PickLine standalone or in combination with the Auto Feed and Auto Catch RetroC Component Saw is an in-line cutting system.

    SpeedCatch – automatic lumber catcher and sorter for left side and right side of truss and cut-by-truss. Eliminates marking and handling of the cut pieces. Untouched by a human until the lumber hits the table. ( A saw feed rate of 18 pieces per minute will take 8.3 minutes to cut 150 pieces = 1,080 pieces per hour = 7,560 pieces in a 7 hour shift just try to keep the RetroC cutting at this rate)

    The power of auto fill carts to organize and collate cut pieces

    PlantOne TV/Projection – is not your plate suppliers PDF. PlantOne TV/Projection is powerful computer aided manufacturing for truss building

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